Stephan Darding

Dutch photographer Stephan Darding got his experience through the New York Film Academy as a film maker. Settled in Belgium, he managed to make 6 short films.

One (“Ice Hot”) was eventually represented at the Cannes Festival outside competition. “This was my first experience of a film getting public. Funny thing is that the title of the film reflected exactly what I felt after the screening : Belgian journalists hated it and Italians loved it”.

Several years ago, the photo industry released with the first dslr capable of shooting video.

“It was a dream come true. Imagine living in a country were video primes over film, hence it was impossible to find budgets for film as an independent filmmaker, you were simply stuck with video cams which gives you only frustrations; creativity was impossible.

Now we have this dslr in the market with top film capabilities and meant to work as film camera. All tis in a very affordable price”. Two months after testing the new exciting material, he was set to give it go for his first feature film. “While I was dusting my old scripts, I felt the urge to use the camera for what it is meant to be : taking photographs. And BOUM ! it hit me the head and got love at first sight with photography”.

The showing of his first work appealed to lots of people around him. “I never felt so good in my life since I discovered photography. And this was instantly rewarded by people around me (pros as well), hence it was obvious that a change of career would start from then on”.

Stephan has found his way in his career by specializing himself in art portraits.